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I’ve had the pleasure of being part of Talott, the family business, for the past 39 years. My passion has always been to find new and innovative ways to address clients’ needs.

Talott remains the leader in the safety board industry I pioneered in 2001 and Talott continues to invest the time and effort to understand industry requirements, as well as our clients’ needs. Only then, along with our strong foundation of legislative knowledge, can Talott be in the position to develop and build the next level framework of WPCC™ Health and Safety Communication and Notice Boards. Let's talk, I look forward to working with you and your team.

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Vision & Mission Statements


We bring to market functional health and safety solutions for peace of mind and preparedness to create a safer workplace for everyone.

Through innovation and experience, Talott pioneered the development of health and safety boards. Its line of WPCC™ bilingual health and safety notice boards set the highest standard for fully compliant legislative posting requirements — nothing else like this exists! Serving a broad range of clients in the private and public sector, Talott designs custom solutions to protect both the employee and the employer. WPCC™ is proudly made in Canada.

About WPCC™ Health and Safety Boards

In 2001, Correctional Services Canada approached Talott to create a solution to address their OH&S legislative posting requirements. Taras Tesla of Talott did just that, and pioneered the health and safety communication boards -- which to date remains the only system in the industry.

And so was born the WPCC™ Health and Safety Communication Board System, along with a family of supporting products that work together, ensuring businesses are legislatively compliant with federal and/or provincial regulations.

WPCC™ Boards provide scope to individual organizations to address and express their internal Health & Safety concerns and policies.

Industry leading quality with unique features

All WPCC™ Health and Safety Communication Boards are bilingual and professionally designed with our trademark green, white and grey colours. The unique layout maintains a coherent and corporate Health & Safety image.

Made in Canada, WPCC™ board solutions are immediately identifiable from a distance and aesthetically pleasing in any work environment. When additional WPCC™ Health and Safety solutions are introduced to the workplace, a seamless integration is achieved so that each board, while different in what each addresses, still maintains a distinctive and uniform Health and Safety look.

WPCC™ is a step-by-step system, adept in design with our never ending attention to detail. WPCC™ Health and Safety Communication and Notice Boards are the intelligent solution built with our unique Personal Compliance Assistant (PCA) which provides clear understanding. Discover imperative PCA information printed directly on each WPCC™ board.

Within the framework of legislation, WPCC™ is your partner in developing a workplace safety culture.

Supporting Assets

WPCC™ is the easy, intelligent, and effective way to meet your organization’s H&S documentation posting needs. Key support tools seamlessly integrate and work in concert with our PCA.

WPCC™ Bilingual Safety Poly Binders, each with indices and colour coded tabs to precisely organize all your vital H&S documentation; WPCC™ Clipboards; and WPCC™ Flip-E-Info™ document display units, are some of these supporting assets.

Health and Safety Apps


For those clients that use H&S apps, WPCC™ Health & Safety Communication and Notice Boards seamlessly bridge the gap from the digital world to the hard copy mandatory posting legislative requirements in the workplace.

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